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Breakfast menu Playland Kids Menu Playland adults menu Desserts Drinks
Buttered Toast (2 slices) £0.95
Jam on Toast (2 slices) Other Spreads available Nutella, Honey £1.40
Cheese on Toast £1.80
Beans on Toast £2.25
 FILLED ROLLS - £2.75 each any of the following
Bacon,Sausage,hash brown,potato scone,egg
Playland Special Breakfast  £4.95
with tea or black coffee fried egg, potato scone, sausages,grilled tomato, mushrooms, two hash browns, baked beans, 2 slices of toast. *veg option available
Selection of Cereal Boxes £0.75
Porridge or why not our porridge of the month for £2.25 £1.50
available all day
served with beans and buttered toast
Choose 2 of the following topping
 Cheese, Ham, Chicken, Onion, Tomato
 Mushroom, Sweetcorn
PLAYLAND KIDS MEALS - £3.00 eachAll kids meals are served with the following (unless stated)
cup of diluting juice,choice of fries or mashed pOtato,beans or peas & sweetcorn
Chicken Stips
Fish Fingers
Margherita Pizza Meat topping : 50p | Veg Topping: 30p
Hot Dog
Cheese Nachos
Cheese Burger
Tomato Pasta
Macaroni 'n' Cheese
Mild Chicken Curry served with rice
Mild Vegetable Curry served with rice
Soup of the day served with bread and butter £1.95
Nachos with cheese,salsa,sour cream,guacamole,and jalapenos £3.50
Any tow or add for 40p | Add chicken £1.45 £2.95
Potato Wedgesserved with sour cream or salsa £2.75
Mozzarella Melts 6pcs served with a choice of dips £2.95
Bottled Water £1.20
Smoothies Strawberry Delight, Fruit Salad, Tropicana £2.95
SANDWICHES & WRAPS - £2.95 each
served with salad garnish and crisps
Please choose from the following
Cheese & Tomato, Tuna Mayo Salad
Egg Mayo, Chicken Mayo Salad
 Coronation Chicken, Turkey Ham, Prawn Marie Rose
PANINIS - £3.95 each
served with salad garnish and crisps
Please choose from the following
Cheese & tomato, Tuna & Red Onion
 Chicken & Mozzarella, Turkey Ham & Tomato
JACKET POTATOES served with salad garnish
Standard Fillings
Plain with butter £2.50
Cheese £3.00
Tuna Mayo £3.50
Baked Beans £3.50
Egg Mayo £3.50
Coleslaw £3.75
Deluxe Fillings
Chicken Mayo £4.25
Coronation Chicken £4.25
Prawn Marie Rose £4.25
Extra Filling 50p (coleslaw, extra cheese, sweetcorn, beans)
Hot Dog and Fries Add Onions for 30p £4.00
Macaroni n Cheese Served with chips £4.75
Haddock & Chips Served with Mushy peas £4.95
Mild Chicken Curry Served with rice £4.95
Mild Vegetable Curry Served with Mushy rice £4.95
Caesar Salad Add chicken for £1.25 £3.00
Ice Cream Cone £ 1.50
Double Cone £1.80
99s £1.70
Tubs £1.50(1 scoop)
£1.80(2 scoop)
Toppings 10p
Waffles & Icecream £3.65
Chocolate Fudge Brownie 2 scoops of vanilla and 1 scoop of chocolate IceCream, our homemade chocolate brownie chunks, our secret recipe chocolate fudge sauce, whipped cream and wafers. All topped off with yet more chocolate fudge brownie chunks
Super Knicker Bocker Glory
An old favourite made superb with scoops of Equis double cream vanilla ice cream, fresh fruit, strawberry fruit and Belgian chocolate sauces, chopped roasted nuts, freshly whipped cream, crispy wafer.
Fresh Strawberry Delight
Two scoops of Equi's double cream vanilla ice cream, one scoop of strawberry fruit ice cream, fresh strawberries drowned in rich strawberry sauce, topped with freshly whipped cream, crispy wafers and fresh strawberry.
Banana Split
2 scoops od Equi's double cream vanilla ice cream and one scoop of belgian chocolate ice cream, fresh banana, fresh fruit, chocolate sauce, freshly whipped cream, crispy wafer.
Cocholate Fudge Brownie Super Knicker Bocker Glory Fresh Strawberry Delight Banana Split
Draft Drink Small £1.20
Draft Drink Large £1.60
Jugs of Diluted Juice £1.95
IrnBru,Coke,7up,Fanta bottles £1.40
Bottled Water £1.20
Smoothies Strawberry Delight, Fruit Salad, Tropicana £2.95
Slush Puppies £2.00
Kids Fruit Shoots £0.70
Variety of flavours available
Kids £2.95
Adults £3.95
Chocolate Bar Milkshake 50p extra
Add Cream for 50p
Tea £1.40
Hot Chocolate £2.30
Add Marshmallows and Cream for 50p
White Cofee £1.70
Americano £1.70
Latte 2.15
Mocha £2.30
Cappuccino £2.15
Espresso £1.50
Syrups 40p
Some foods may contain traces of Nuts
Please Note:
Food not purchased within the cafe cannot be consumed in playland. Failure to comply may result in you being asked to leave the premises